Venus: An NFT Platform Dedicated to Building a Value Metaverse

The Origin of Venus

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What is it:

Venus the NFT Platform Dedicated to Building a Value Metaverse.  The Venus NFT, (non-fungible token) is a cryptocurrency token used to represent digital assets.

What is their value?

NFTs can be bought and sold, just like tangible assets. The development history is much longer than we think, The first attempt of NFT was in the initial stage of encryption technology. Colored coins from 2012 to 2013 were the first NFTs that existed, which could be as small as a single satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Colored coins can be used to represent Multiple assets with multiple use cases.

Since the advent of Cyberpunks NFTs stored as ERC-1155 tokens with different rarities on the Ethereum blockchain with every punk being unique, handcrafted and uploaded one by one, where none is auto generated and Cryptokitties one of the first most widely recognized Ethereum blockchain games consisting of unique digital cats, the NFT market has flourished.

With the continuous iteration of encryption technology, it has become easier to join the NFT ecosystem with a minimum investment.

During the time that Cyberpunks and Cryptokitties started, 2017-2018, the encryption technology team led by the Venus Foundation began to study the NFT field in depth, and the Venus project was officially established. Venus uses NFT as the main track for deep cultivation facing the metaverse, games, digital storage and other fields, and has made innovative changes to the existing digital creation and transaction processes, optimized the existing interaction logic, and reduced development barriers.

Venus has also Improved the efficiency of integrated data and built an integrated and comprehensive NFT ecological platform covering the full entertainment industry in the digital age.

In the future, Venus will, under the promotion of Venus Dao, cooperate with many real industries with real value foundations to create a truly comprehensive NFT platform with rich variety to help global NFT enthusiasts, enterprises and organizations realize their own dreams and values.

Venus Redefines NFTs

Since the advent software that makes it possible to replicate digital imagery, digital products and commodities are endlessly produced and pilfered from artists.

The role of the Venus NFT is to serve as a “certificate of ownership” for such digital products to demonstrate their originality. In the case of the Mona Lisa, we can take pictures or buy prints of the picture, but there is and only ever will be one original.

NFTs can provide the authenticity of non-tangible goods despite their constant copying and replication, although, you’ll still need to sue the people who take liberty to replicate your artwork or force them to pay a licensing fee for duplicating what is not theirs.  As Coca-Cola has done, Howard Schultz, and Disney have hired full-time legal teams to defend their original artwork.

With the surge in popularity of NFTs some of the disadvantages of NFT investing include:

  • NFTs are not an asset class.
  • NFTs are commonly—and erroneously—regarded as an asset class rather than a technological way to indicate ownership.
  • General misinformation and the hype surrounding NFTs can cause the values of tokenized assets to be inflated and volatile.
  • NFT generation is highly energy-intensive.
  • You may need to own Ether (ETH)With most NFT sales occurring on the Ethereum platform, owning the blockchain’s native currency Ether (ETH) is often necessary to purchase an NFT.

Because of this Venus has formulated the standards that need to be followed to issue NFTs within the platform to protect the core rights and interests of every user.  Here are the standards that Venus has created:


Users completely own the asset ownership of NFT, and they can operate the NFT they own at will, such as auction, transaction, transfer, collection, etc.


NFT fully follows the ERC-721 issuance standard. All applications that support the Solidit technology framework can call the standardized functions of NFT to realize cross-ecological reuse and multi-functional application of NFT.


Based on years of encryption technology research, NFT not only endows NFT with high value, but also empowers NFT with ecological liquidity, so that NFT has greater liquidity and activates the potential value of NFT.


NFTs are written into the ETH chain by smart contracts, and no one can modify or edit other users’ NFTs unless the NFT holders edit it themselves

Venus Integrated Platform Business Layout

IP Trusted Digitization

NFTs are born with the unique attributes of timestamps and distributed storage space, and cannot be tampered with. Venus presents NFTs in a trusted and digital way of IP, which strengthens the value rights of NFTs and forms a “brand circle” with NFTs as the core. , so that NFT can not only be widely used in music, games and other fields, but also allow users to build their own brand image through NFT.

One-stop NFT Service

Venus provides a wide range of access methods and one-stop service facilities for the circulation of NFTs, enabling NFTs to be more widely disseminated and promoted, and invisibly increasing the value of NFTs. Both users and developers can use Venus to provide The NFT infrastructure service facilities reduce the NFT development threshold, operation threshold and access threshold.

Realistic value NFT

Venus will empower traditional real value objects with NFT, and after credibly remodeling these limited trend games, game assets, and artworks in the encrypted digital world, release the potential of these value objects themselves, and provide every A value target provides the corresponding trusted visual digital certificate.

Venus Market Direction

The NFT issued by Venus is a unique digital asset, compared with alternative assets such as Token.  Venus NFT has established a complete NFT value system within a considerable elastic space, which is widely applicable to a variety of application fields.

Music Collection

Music collections based on Venus design can save contracts, copyrights, patents and other information that needs to be stored on the chain in the form of NFTs, which facilitates subsequent updates, circulation and transactions. When someone needs to trade music collections, he only needs to publish the NFT mark information to declare the authenticity of the work and the ownership of the work. While ensuring the legality of transactions, it also prevents forgery and fraud of music copyrights.

Intellectual Property

For any intellectual property, such as song copyright, movie copyright, picture copyright, painting copyright, music copyright, invention patents, etc., it can be authenticated through NFT. In simple terms, this is the equivalent of putting an unalterable and unique barcode on the back of all items to confirm and identify the copyright of the asset.

Certificate Proof

NFTs can be used for digital authentication of various documents, such as ID cards, academic certificates, driver’s licenses, real estate certificates, etc. Not only can it be used to verify the authenticity of the certificate, but it can also prevent the certificate from being stolen, tampered with or destroyed.

Financial Bills

Due to the uniqueness of financial bill auditing, and a series of wealth bills such as financial bills involve financial transactions and capital transactions that require a high degree of security. Therefore, financial bills can be used in conjunction with NFTs to facilitate traceability while confirming rights.

Tax Management

For tax declaration, enterprises and individuals need to submit a series of certification materials, such as invoices, etc. In order to improve tax collection efficiency, NFT can be used to mark relevant certification materials to ensure authenticity.

Game Assets

For gamers, the importance of virtual assets in gaming continues to grow. NFTs can encode pets, assets, props, equipment, and other items in the game, increasing uniqueness and helping to verify player ownership.

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