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Are you a Smart Woman who…

WANTS to speak your truth? But at times you find yourself stumbling over your words.

KNOWS you have the ability to speak clearer and from your heart without getting overstressed and disengaged.

but you’re worried you’ll invest in a coaching program that won’t give you what you’re looking for and you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

IS NOT IN A POSITION of spending $2000-$5000 and 6-8 weeks on a course that will pump you up with hype only to leave you flat after it ends.  

but feel like you may not have an alternative that is good enough.

IS SO STRESSED AND OVERWHELMED WITH making a living that you feel you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for to help you achieve your goals  

that you are seriously considering giving up on it entirely before you even get started?


Many of the available options that appear to offer easy life coaching, relationship building and fast earning potential are sold as hyped up how to’s and tend to come with a hefty price tag AND lots of upsells to keep you coming back so you potentially get the results.  

You become forever dependent on the social media hype and find yourself comparing your dismal performance to those whiz bang billionaires with perfect lifestyles. You are told this course is for people like you, but come to find all you’re doing is commenting on social media;  you’re just not making the progress you thought you would.  

You find yourself becoming disengaged and overstressed with what’s expected of you and that you’re not able to afford the next $5,000 price tag to attend the event of a lifetime that everyone else is talking about attending.  This isn’t helping your relationships or creating the life you envisioned to produce an income and the abundance you wanted.  Instead it’s draining your bank account and building on your insecurities because you’re not like everyone else.

You’ve tried the alternative gurus and you’re still searching for an answer, but you’re not finding a mutually supportive community that resonates the truth and trust you want.  Your dream of creating a life worth living is now beginning to look like you’ll have to work 2-3 jobs for the next 25 years and maybe have a couple of years to enjoy it. That may be the right decision from the perspective of your friends and family but the mere thought of having to work that hard and sacrifice so much of your time to do something you don’t like to get something you want, probably makes you want to pull your hair and smash your head or computer screen (or both!) against the wall. Am I right?

Hi! I’m Nicole!

 I have been in your position many times and spent tens of thousands of dollars on business coaching, life coaching and communities that have left me feeling depressed, overwhelmed and in a constant state of comparison to everyone else’s perfect life depicted through their social media posts.

In March of 2022 I knew I couldn’t buy into this lie anymore, living in the state of fear, anxiety and borderline manic depression pretending to be someone I wasn’t so I enrolled in the TRUTH IN STORYTELLING WORKSHOP.

It was completely different from anything I’d experienced.  I was not judged, given advice, or upsold on a different solution that would inevitably make me good enough, rich enough or thin enough in a matter of hours. 

I’m hosting an Introduction to The TRUTH IN STORYTELLING WORKSHOP so you can see first hand how this has changed many lives for the better.  The goal is very simple: to introduce the Truth Guides who are seeing improvements in their families, students, teams, and cultures using Truth In Storytelling.  You’re in the right place to change your life with your truth. 



Nicole Jolie

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