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Here's what you must have to turn your dismal online marketing into delicious bites of goodness that get devoured by the Google bots and attract devoted customers...

Skyrocket your online ranking using this STEP-BY-STEP method to get your business to the first page of Google.

Here's what you'll discover when you book a call with me...
  • What type of landing page and sales funnels rank best... and how to make an offer that makes your followers convert with predictability & control.
  • The new way to set up your autoresponder so that you get more clicks, less unsubscribes so that you grow your list faster with less hassle.
  • How to use Google My Business to build a presence faster so that your followers buy more from you and share your site on their social media accounts without you having to ask them.
  • ​​The unusual lesson I learned about Google My Business that started ranking my business higher on Google organically without me even trying.
  • ​How to syndicate your content using a terrifically simple way that cross-pollinates multiple sites without you having to do a ton of work so that you're showing up and ranking everywhere.
  • The three things you must have in your email service provider that you didn't even know you needed to keep your emails from going to the 'promotions tab' or worse...spam.
  • Technical integration tips and tricks that take less time and effort and make you more money faster.
  • How to wireframe your website with simple tools FIRST so you're not losing momentum, even if it's a simple funnel.  This alone can save you $1,000's of dollars on mistakes, miscommunication and stupid stuff that you don't want to do.
  • The best way to use social media, like TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter the way no one else is using it in your niche so you rank higher and grow your email list faster.
  • ​What you should be tracking to accelerate sales...instead of what you were told to track.
  • How to use a powerful tool that will continue to get you traffic even if you forget about it...this is a tool that virtually no one is using correctly.  
  • The biggest mistake I made in my communication and how you can avoid doing the exact same things I did, potentially risking your online reputation and your email list.
I help you turn your dismal direct marketing into delicious bites of goodness that get devoured by your devoted followers... 
Here's how I started selling USAT Coaching online, became a Youtube'r & published TRX training videos to become Socially Smashing... 
I didn't grow up with a goal or a vision to be an online marketer, far from it.

I grew up in the waves of La Jolla and the waters of Hawaii.  When a phone hung on a wall and the closest thing you got to messaging was a magnetic cassette tape that you'd listen to on a thing called an "answering machine".

I spent my time riding my bike to and from La Jolla Shores, playing tennis against the wooden backboards at UCSD, and horseback riding at La Jolla Farms.

I wanted to run Triathlons, spend my days working out and traveling the world as a pro athlete so I got a summer job as a water girl with the San Diego Chargers and learned how to run the track, take ice baths in aluminum tubs, sauna like a samurai and sprint the field.  

My inspirations were Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers Quarterback) and Tom Warren (1972 Ironman Winner) But, as things turned out, I did things a little differently and that dream never really transpired like I thought it would.
"Life doesn't turn out the way you want it to.  It turns out the way it's supposed to." 
Fast forward a couple decades. 

After 9/11 and the subsequent crash of the markets - in which I worked as assistant trader and clerk - I decided to ditch that dream and head for a 'walk about' journey through Europe and the Middle East for 2 years.

During that time, I was the 'illegal alien' working on boats in Portugal and Greece and at small boutiques in Crete, Skopelos and Oia on the island of Santorini.

When I got back to the USA I dove deeper into the "online thing" and in 2004 learned how to code my first webpage.  

At the time I wanted to date (yes, men), so I started a dating page where people would know when the next gathering was at the nearest wine bar in Carmel, CA before and Meetup there was "The Carmel Wine Clutch". (yes, like the purse)

I never got a date.  Ended up 3 different couples got married from meeting at the events, and the wine bar made a fortune.  I moved to Vegas. 

In 2009, as a USAT Coach and NASM CPT, I started using Youtube to get my videos about my team Nix Tri Planet.  I would video tape my TRX workouts and show the team training and racing for their triathlons.  It was the beginning of Socially Smashing.

Since that time, I've been online marketing and haven't collected a paycheck since 2008.  
Top 1% Digital Marketing Agency. How to Rank at the Top of Google, Marketing, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Active Campaign, Email Marketing
In the last 13+ years I've worked with New York Times Bestselling Authors, Amazon Bestselling Authors, CEO's of Gold's Gyms, Speakers, Coaches, Facebook Ads Specialists, Network Marketing Professionals, Coaches, Speakers, and even a #1 Dating Coach.  

I've hung out with Ferny Ceballos, Gary Vee, Ted Rubin, Lewis Howes, Nick Unsworth, Simon Sinek and more.
Here's what Eamonn (pron. AYYY-MON) had to say about the help I gave him.
Not only did I help Joel Comm and Troy Broussard, and other amazing entrepreneurs, market their businesses, products, and programs, I learned invaluable information from all of them.

I've been in on the VIP days, and private conversations that have given me a perspective unlike any other online marketer.

So what of the mistakes you ask? I've learned these mistakes have proven invaluable for helping the clients who've hired me so they don't waste time on what NOT to do.
I've also been a featured guest on the #1 Podcast for Entrepreneurs with John Lee Dumas, I'm sure you've listened to the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast on Itunes.


Use the same strategies that I used for my client to Get her to a 77 On Page SEO Rank In Just 4 Days

Started Ranking on July 19th 2021

A brand new URL ranks from zero to 71 in less than two days

  • I Protect You From The Rank Thieves with this ONE tool so you can use the top 3 ways to rank your social media higher using Google Search so your traffic won't get stolen.
  • Get Your On Page SEO Score UP in less time than it normally takes to rank on page one.   
  • 5 Simple Ways to Write New Content so you stop getting trounced by the competition and start ranking for the query people are searching for in your niche.
  • 3 Ways to Stand Out Online So you don't look like you're just another website, or social media page.
  • ​#1 Reason You Want to Optimize Your Site Like This so you're not losing traffic, customers or sales.
  • ​And so much more...

A free one-to-one Zoom call where I'll go over your site and give you the Top 3 Solutions to never being ignored online again.  So that...



Here's what my clients receive when they work with me: 
  • Top 7 things you can do to increase your search results to get followers to convert with predictability.
  • ​​The 1 Unusual lesson about Google My Business my clients use to rank their business higher within 72-hours on Google organically while barely even trying.
  • ​7-customized ways to set up your social media with Google in mind so it's quicker and simpler to rank your social media sites on Google without you having to do a ton of work.
  • The FIRST thing you want to do on your website so you're set up to dominate the competition.  This is the #1 thing that 99% of your competition doesn't have on their site. This alone can save you $1,000's of dollars on mistakes you don't want to pay for.
  • The exact formula for ranking your videos on all social media sites so you have a ubiquitous presence that helps you convert with predictability.
  • ​​The #1 way to convert qualified customers without having to cold call.  This is GOLD for your business and it's helped multiple clients predictably create profit month over month.
  • ​Never Guess Again!  I give you weekly cutting edge training videos that give you step-by-step how to use simple, effective proven Google Ranking tips to generate results faster with less hassle so you can stop guessing.
  • ​This 25-minutes is dedicated to helping you discover where you currently rank and how you can increase your ranking on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does This Cost?
It's a free 25-minute consult reserved for business owners who own real businesses and have a Google My Business Listing that's valid, verified, and working.
Do you charge hidden fees?
No. There are no fees. ,You will be given the opportunity to work directly with me for a fee.
Can I Cancel?
Who Is This For?
For business owners who have a plan to stay in business for longer than 3 years.  You are focused in the field of finance, investments, real estate, cryptocurrency, online financial investors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and those who work with and in commerce and investments,This is for customers who use Google Search and want to increase brand awareness using social signals to attract cold leads (a.k.a. potential customers) to your social pages, your website, and your landing pages
What's In It For Me?
You'll know what exactly is working to your advantage with your online presence.  You'll discover how to use News, and Search to increase  your social signals so that you create a bigger influence online and attract more potential customers to your social pages, your website, your landing pages, and social links.
What Will You Be Sharing on My Call?
I will show you what you can do to use specific strategies to rank your website and your social media presence on Google Search, Maps, and News walking you step-by-step on what you can do to achieve results. 
Do You Do My Work For Me?
No. When you decide to work with me, then I will quote you a price to have done for you work completed on behalf of your company.
How Many Times Can I Book a Free Call?
Who Are You?
I'm Nicole Jolie.  I've been online since 2008 marketing and working with multiple clients in different verticals.  My testimonials are located above and you can see who I've worked with and how I've helped them.  You can find more about me on my About Nicole page.  If you're looking for outlandish money making testimonies you're in the wrong place.  I don't talk about the money someone else makes as a means for you to join a group.  Their results are not typical and are not yours, therefore using them as a benchmark and showing their profits is not realistic and appeals only to those who are chasing money and clients.  I don't do either and am not interested in attracting that type of client.  
Do You Record The Live Call?
Yes, you'll have access to the recording after the LIVE has been posted.  
What's The Report Tell Me?
The Reports are specific to your business URL and will share the information about your ranking, where you are ranking in relation to your competition and what you can do to increase your ranking on Google.
Do You Work with Private Clients?
Yes, on a case-by-case basis.
Will I Make Money Using Your Strategies?
Potentially, you can make money doing a lot of things.  You'll need to put in all of the work and implement all of the items I'm sharing.  You will also be responsible for all software purchases and any other 3rd party tools you will need to run your business optimally based on what I share.  If you're chasing the money, this isn't for you.
Do You Use Your Affiliate Links When Recommending 3rd Party Software and Tools?
Yes.  For sure I do.  All of the links I share will be affiliate links, unless otherwise stated.  
Brought to You by Nicole Jolie Your Trusted Marketing Concierge and Owner of Be Socially Smashing, LLC 
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