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Confident Crypto  

The Smart Woman’s Way. 

When you think about crypto are you confused and overwhelmed?  I know exactly how you feel and can completely understand your conundrum.  In this Guide I share how Smart Women like yourself can uncover the clues to crypto and discover how the best in the business use positioning to increase their crypto coin coffers with confidence.

The “hype-free how to’s” so that you can navigate this new digital currency terrain with simple confidence.

The top 10 rules day traders use to collect crypto

Confident crypto codes I use daily to build a nest egg

Smart Women savvy success stories about crypto

Beat the HODLer hype with this high powered guide

My big crypto mistake and what I did to recover

Hi there! I’m Nicole

Smart Woman’s Guide to Blockchain Author, Texas Bitcoin Conference Speaker 2019, and Smart Woman Educator. This is a Smart Women World, where you’ll learn “hype-free how to’s” about Crypto so that you can go forward with confidence and navigate this new digital currency and blockchain terrain with less hassle.

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