These Halloween real estate marketing tips put you ahead of the curve and generate leads through the holiday season – even in a market downturn.

Real estate agents know that when the fall season starts, real estate business often slows down. It is costly and potential buyers are less likely to spend money during the holiday season.

This is why it is important to be involved in the festivities. You can be top-of-mind, gain local recognition and keep your real estate marketing and events Halloween-themed. You have the opportunity to try new ideas and experiment with your real-estate marketing strategy for Halloween. Plus, clients and community members can get to see your fun side.

Family-oriented Events

There are endless options for Halloween-themed events that get your community involved. Your location and demographic will determine which event is best for you. Consider hosting a gathering for parents and their children if you are serving a neighborhood. You can make connections with your future buyers and sellers by entertaining the children. These are great opportunities to learn about the main real estate concerns in your hyperlocal area and how you can offer your service.

Some examples of Family-oriented events are:

  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Halloween Themed bounce house
  • Haunted Hayrides

Charity Events

A Halloween charity event is a fun and generous way to get to know the locals, give back to the community, and celebrate the holiday. For example, a costume drive. You can partner with schools that are less fortunate in your community to hold a costume drive. Spread the word using your main marketing channels such as email marketing, social media, and email marketing. Local businesses and parents with hand-me downs are likely to be your main donors and. Getting local vendors involved can also be a great way to build relationships for future neighborhood marketing partnerships and promotions.

Your charity event should be specific to your neighborhood, so take the time to think about a fun way to solve a prevalent need in your community.

Not ready to hold your own celebration? Sponsoring an event in your community is a great way to get involved. Sponsorship is a simple Halloween marketing idea that gets your brand in front of your hyperlocal customers and positions you as a caring real estate expert who’s in their neighborhood.

I would like a free 30-minute demo!

Who doesn’t love a scary house? Or at the very least, a fun house. Your open house can be turned into a fun, lighthearted gathering that allows potential buyers to see the property. Although it may seem appealing, a Halloween haunted open-house is not recommended. It can distract from the qualities that visitors are looking for in a listing by overloading it with Halloween decorations. However, a pumpkin candy bowl, welcoming trick-or-treaters at the door, and fun floor stickers to guide visitors through the home, are easy, non-disruptive ways to add some fun to your open house.

Decorating lightly for the holiday shows visitors that you want them to have an enjoyable experience and that you are willing to go the extra mile for your listing clients.

Halloween decor can also create small conversation areas that become great opportunities to network. You can also place limited Halloween business cards next to your social media areas. This will increase the likelihood that people will stop by and talk at the fire pits or snack tables and make it more inviting to network. You have a good chance of visitors picking up your Halloween business cards and it will make you stand out from the rest of their real estate cards.

Get creative with Halloween real estate mailers

Your Halloween marketing materials should not be wasted. Here’s a sneaky way to get out of the garbage can and in front of your clients: send lumpy packages!

Direct mailers that contain a small item in an unbranded envelope are much more likely to be opened. People will be curious about what is inside and are eager to find out. Consider what Halloween real estate marketing items would be most appropriate for your brand and that fit the Halloween theme. You can give your clients candy, USBs and magnets as giveaways. Your social media posts should be valuable to your customers and online audiences. We love the idea that you can share tips with your followers on Halloween or in your day-to-day life. Images like the one below are easily shared, colorful, and relevant to your target audience. A visual tutorial on how to safely remove Halloween decorations from painted walls could be created. You could also work with an electrician to create a video about how to safely disassemble electronic holiday decor. These super-useful tips will be remembered by viewers every time they refer to your services. When they’re looking to buy or sell a home, they’ll remember you as a knowledgeable real estate expert that made their life just a bit easier.

Dress-up Your Signage

That ‘sold’ sign on your new listing is a lot more noticeable with a friendly ghost decoration hanging off of it. Make your signage stand out by being creative. This is the perfect time to use your hyperlocal connections for Halloween-related marketing. You can incorporate symbols such as the county’s haunted house or pumpkin picking into your holiday signage. Your signage may be impressive enough that people will want to take photos and share them with their friends. That’s free advertising for you!

Halloween Ecards for Your CRM Contacts

We can’t talk about marketing tips without getting your CRM involved. Even clients who aren’t likely to open your emails often can still enjoy a Halloween ecard. You can remind clients by sending them emails to remind them that you are available and that your website has tons of helpful tools and people. You can even work with a graphic designer to design a professional, spooky Ecard or postcard.

In Conclusion…

Halloween is a fun opportunity to spice up your marketing efforts and get involved in your community in unique ways. You can give back to your community and get your name out there.

Real estate season slowing down? These clever tips and tricks will help you keep the leads coming in.

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