Well, this seminar's intention comes from Joel Dietz's multi-disciplinary ideas on how the subsequent phase of artificial intellect will meet metaverse measures and touchpoints of telepathy and anthropology. Moreover, how science aspired developers and coders to build the next stage of metaverse connection.

3rd November 2022 – 13:00 (CET)

Dubai, UAE – The MetaMetaverse unit is an unobstructed metaverse task optimizing availability for people, companies, commodities, and DAOs to build their own metaverse and controlling community within its cosmic plan, along with Joel Dietz. For this purpose, the project's CEO and Founder are declaring the world's foremost metaseminar. Generally, the Metaseminar desires to obtain a new outlook in metaverse structure that was established on science, telepathy, AI, and mathematics. Besides, the Metaseminar will be accepting a place on the 20th of November 2022 at 20:00 (CET) online. Occasion details can be seen here.

The Metaseminar is the invention of Joel Dietz, who is the founder & CEO of MetaMetaverse. He is a serial entrepreneur who supported found several essential enterprises in the cryptocurrency space, such as Ethereum, and MetaMask. In addition, he also helped the first smart contract educational channel and the first academic work on crypto-economics. His study interests concentrate on the convergence of blockchain web topologies and crowd intellect. Especially on how the regulations undergirding decentralized associations can be utilized to fuel international invention. Moreover, he even works on holonic-philosophy, including the development of law, data-driven strategies for creation, and smart city facts architecture.

According to this, Joel Dietz said:

“We are now at the precipice of creating something unique, but before we leap on the bandwagon and start to investigate the metaverse, we must question ourselves; Why are we doing so? Who would be curious to jump in? And what kind of scientific and societal significance will the metaverse carry to the globe.”

the metaseminar will contain talks, conferences, and details established on Dietz's knowledge within their respective fields and create a nurturing atmosphere for developers to consider before leaping into this unique digital space. Indeed, people partaking will discover characteristics about the following topics during the seminar:

  • How to see the future with Metaverse. N base, para-universes, and key radiants.
  • What is meta-mathematics? Wolfram's Ruliad and applications to games.
  • Accomplishes the Web3 sovereign have any clothes?
  • Revolution in peaks.
  • Dividing 3D space: Cymatics, multi-dimensional origami folding algorithm, and quasi-crystals towards Metalambda 1.0.
  • The Post-Freudian Slip, as Eleusis, Giorgio Colli, and Lacanian metaphysics.
  • What if Orson Scott Card and Daniel Suarez held a newborn in the Metaverse? Descartes' issue, the Simulation Hypothesis, plus the Reverse Simulation Hypothesis.
  • What is Buddhism sustainable? The Metatron rule, SandKings, GRRM's, and interpretations of ‘God.'
  • The conflict between determinism and pseudorandomness in MetLife. The puzzle of consciousness, can it be fixed? Fuming Man, the morphology of tale and meta-mythological codes.
  • How did we obtain Fake Engine 5? Haskell, and rules of computer language format according to Tim Sweeney.
  • How should kids know to program? Understandings from Sketch 3.
  • Chemlambda, Petri nets, SKI Combinators, and further latest computational paradigms.
  • Challenging Issues in crypto-economics encounter difficult problems in computational jurisprudence.
  • What is an oracle? New paradigms of algorithmic self-finding. Regarding very fast or not-at-all Modalities for hyperlearning. Nested footnotes and DM Loynaz on darkness, plus is it Holonics relevant?
  • Directions to cross-metaverse portaling. Besides, Fractal approaches to spacetime and their significance for gaming engine configuration.
  • Valence theory is a unique method to Platonism(s). The persistent materiality of Hegel, Strauss, Kubrick, and Zarathustra. Who are the greats of movies and music today? Buterin's Gestalt.
  • Harmonics and cross-dimensional Hilbert spaces from Andres Gomez Emilsson, Steven Lehar, and the QRI.
  • The continued applicability of spatial computing, including the MIT CAM project. In addition, the latest computer languages ​​and what we can understand from them.
  • The Dietz-Ruttian principles of civilization. Nomic reviews and permutations. Living tools for globe structure and how they could be better.
  • And actually better!

The Metaseminar was created initially to support people near to MetaMetaverse while Dietz was in the loop concerning structure within the metaverse while then deciding to deliver these details to the groups. Eventually, the conference's purpose is to promote discussion and the latest methods of thinking via conferences and arguments by pushing new concepts and associations within this slot of the industry.

Joel Dietz, CEO & Founder of MetaMetaverse concerned about the quickness by which a discussion of this technique is now required. More than ever, saying:

“We are now at the ridge of creating something special, whereas before we hop on the bandwagon and start to investigate the metaverse, we must question ourselves; Why are we accomplishing so? Who would be curious in hopping in? And what kind of scientific and societal importance will the metaverse fetch to the world? We must peek back at our roots, recognize the demand for these unknown globes and glance at the science after it. By accomplishing so, we're not only peeking at the past but also keeping a good picture of what will reach in the future.”

For more details on the metaseminarcheck out the circumstance facts here.

About MetaMetaverse

Anointed the Metaverse for Metaverses, the MetaMetaverse combines blockchain-based gaming and world-building in one. Thus, from one side, the MetaMetaverse is a game where one can obey a storyline, and entire inquiries with companions while making in-game cash and more. At the same time, the MetaMetaverse is a forum where one can make their metaverses, working as a virtual community with its own games, interactive backgrounds, economizing, and management.


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