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Hi.  Thanks for getting in touch. We typically respond within 24 hours with an answer. The faster way to connect is on LinkedIn privately through a DM using your LinkedIn Profile.  Because I get hundreds of messages weekly it's difficult to get back to you within a timely manner.  To find out more about my services, what I offer, what I charge, and how credit repair works, make sure to click the button below.  Thanks for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

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“Now after paying someone who clearly didn't do her job I got a coach and just like that bankruptcy gone the first round.”

BK gone first round


support [ a.t.] nicole jolie 


(833) 217-2557 toll free

(726) 216-2362 Local


1401 Lavaca Street, 40861, Austin, TX. 78701


Monday – Friday: 8am – 6:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: on call 

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Leave us a message and we'll do our best to get back to you at our earliest convenience.  I try to get back to you within 24-hours during normal business days but there are times when I'm the only person answering hundreds of messages across multiple platforms.  Be patient and I'll get to your question if it's valid and specifically pertains to credit repair or the services I offer.  Thank you.

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