I’m Nicole Jolie

And I help you…

Captivate your audience with social media strategies that

make your customers willingly share their emails with you and then thank you for asking them join your list.

I share the strategy that makes your audience want to whip out their phone and pay you with their Apple Pay

As they shower you with yellow smiley emojis letting you know how they told everyone they know-and even those they don’t-how wonderful you are.

I give you the social media tools and the rolodex of people who can help move you faster, further, to more financial prosperity in your business with 3 massively effective marketing methods that keep them coming back and thanking you each time they do!

Just imagine how you’re going to feel when your current barely there business starts making more money, attracts more dream clients, and creates more happiness.

Let me show you a better way.

I know what it feels like to have a barely there business.

It’s like waking up on the floor after your air mattress leaked, It wasn’t anything like the Victoria’s Secret model in flowery lingerie you saw using the same air mattress on her glamping adventure with her bffs.

This is the barely there business that’s so skinny when it turns sideways it disappears.  You know the one?

Barely making the bills, barely making the rent, barely hanging on….every day is a stress filled, zit popping, breath holding, carb eating day with an express train to high anxiety.

The struggle owning a small business is real.  Most of us wake up in the morning with our business on our minds as we wipe the slobber from our iPads that was under our cheek all night because we surfed for yet another bright shiny object to solve the problem of beefing up our barely there business with a boost of some kind of innocuous social media software that will cure our ill-fated demise into the impending doom of demoralization and loss of dignity.

Yes, I have been there my friend…I know you.  I was you.

I know you.

You’ve wasted countless hours and plenty of money trying to figure out how to get more customers or clients. I get it.  I’ve done the same thing, and it’s maddening, depressing, and downright dismal.

You’re not alone.

Many other business owners, including myself, have spent countless calendar years, posting to social media, trying to figure out which pictures, and memes will get everyone to comment, like and share.  They won’t tell you this, because it would go against their Instagram and Fakebook persona.  Yet, they too have done this, only to have crickets show up at their doorsteps too.  I’ve been there, hoping for a couple of gratuitous thumbs up from anyone who would be so kind as to take the time to heart my picture.

95% of the small business owners

Are playing whack-a-mole, trying to figure out where their clients are and how to get them to buy from them.  How do I know?  Because I hear it, I’m in the trenches every day.  Looking at Upwork, LinkedIn and Indeed.  I see these companies, who don’t care about social media, in fact they H8 it, but they know it’s a necessary evil.  Social media is maddening and makes most people want to eat a tub of ice cream before 11am and drown themselves in a sea of cheap white wine by 5pm.



Listen, there is a better way to integrate and automate in order to invigorate your clients to not only buy from you, but turn them into Fans for Life!

I have cracked the code on implementation and integration with automation.  Sounds like a lot, but it’s really not.  Quite honestly the multi-millionaires who make their business automated, from Gary Vee to Damon John free themselves up to do what they’re best at…creating and working ON their business, not IN it.

Automated sequences that talk to your customers on demand are what is massively important when it comes to creating a consistency with your online presence.  But it’s NOT about posting.  That’s so 80’s.  Start thinking about what the customer wants when they want it, not when you think it’s best to give it to them.  Talk to them when they want to talk to you and stop guessing..

Automating your messaging to flow with your website, your social media presence and your ads, e.g., your funnel is what Facebook Messenger bots are capable of doing.  And there’s much much more.

Integrating them with your social media platforms to increase sales, attract the clients who want what you have and seamlessly doing this while engaging on demand is the code I’ve been able to crack and it’s helping me and many others see increases month over month.

When these business owners started using automated intelligence and implementing this with other forms of social media, they saw a rise in sales, an increase in fans and more money at the end of the month.

What you can expect from Facebook Messenger Bot’s instant engagement.

More excitement and interest in your products but that’s not all, you also get…

  • Highly qualified prospects
  • Consistent sales and income
  • Month over month sales and income growth
  • Constant value-driven engagement that you can set and forget so that you can work on what really matters, like growing and scaling your business.
  • Maintaining consistent growth so that you don’t stagnate and hit a wall

While most struggle with simple day to day challenges, that if resolved could create a substantial impact with in their business or career, the elite are creating

  • A world class sales engine.
  • Filling a pipeline with an endless supply of qualified prospects
  • Finding and training a team of top performing sales people
  • Predicting with clarity their monthly sales or income
  • Locating, engaging and selling “Whale” prospects
  • and Maintaining consistent, month over month sales and income growth for their business

These are the sales funnel problems that elude most small business owners

…until now.

Imagine how it would feel if you could have

Open rates of 88%

People opening your message 88 times out of 100 is stunning even to the best in the business. Sell more of your product and create a bevy of fans from followers, FAST!


More Customers Open Your Messages

Click Thru Rates of 56%

This means $$ M-O-N-E-Y.  Give your sales funnel the opportunity to be in front of the people who want what you have. Be the expert your customer wants to buy from.


More Customers Click Your Link

1.4+ Billion People

Are on Facebook every day.  The average user spends over 90+ minutes on Facebook. If you “think” your customer isn’t on Facebook, think again.  Your customer wants a solution. Be the solution to the customer who wants what you have!

Billion People Are Using Facebook

My Story

Hi.  I’m Nicole. I’ve been online since early 2009 learning, doing, practicing, and implementing marketing tactics and strategies. I have built over 100+ websites and over 200+ landing pages, multiple optins, created hundreds of webinars and almost 1,000 videos, and posted thousands of updates on social media. Here’s what all that got me:


The best in the business don’t know how to do all that.  They know how to do ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY:  How to stay in front of their customers CONSISTENTLY day in and day out. You can’t live without what I’m going to share with you because business is moving in this direction, and if you’re not on the bus, you’ll be walking.  I’ve found this out the hard way.  It sucks.

IMMERSION is the ONLY way to retain customers,  think Starbucks, Apple, and Amazon.  They get you at every chance, re-targeting, re-marketing, re-introducing, and re-taining you in their pipeline. 20 years ago no one referred to Amazon the way they do now.  Did you see the latest?  They even have a way for you to order clothes, try them on and return them…they’re taking over EVERYWHERE.

The EASY way to get more customers who want what you have is to be in front of them EVERY SINGLE SECOND you can.  Which leads me to Messenger Bots with dramatic rises in interaction coupled with ads, calls to action, funnels and fabulous ways to info-tain your customers.

When you start implementing the strategies I share with you in the Marketing Hero Guide – the same one’s multi-multi-millionaires make day in and day out – you’ll see how they use these tactics interchangeably with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, Steemit, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Because you need something FREE you can download the Marketing Hero Guide. That’ll give you a mere glimpse into what this can do for you. ONLY if you’re a player and want real results, you’ll purchase a bot, you’ll get into my private paid for Facebook group, and you’ll start learning with people who have 100k followers know.  Up to you, the button’s below.

Stop Wasting Time

Guessing Where Your Customer’s are Hanging Out is not a plan.  It’s not a strategy.  It’s a ticking time bomb to destruction of your business online. How would you feel if you could could engage instantly, get your customers to take action and create an onslaught of new, ready to purchase, ready to get what you have to offer customers  who want what you have and buy what you got?!




People aren’t comfortable providing their email address anymore in exchange for your free download and what’s even worse is that they either 1) …won’t get the email because 45% of the time it goes to spam 2) …they won’t read it because they’re not checking email 3) …they don’t really care because they don’t want to be sold, they want to buy and they’re off to the newest gadget that catches their eye and 4) …they completely ignore marketing emails unless they signed up for them and even then…email fatigue sets in and your open rates are now…less than 7%  🙁


More clicks, √ more input, more typing is more time spend doing something that could be easily delivered IF they just had to click ONCE.  When you make it a ‘no brainer’ they don’t have to think, they just click.  Putting in their email is thinking.  Thinking doesn’t work when they just want the information.  Opting into an email newsletter or campaign requires more steps and work than opening up a Facebook Messenger thread.  Keep it Simple.


There is a myth that building an email list takes a lot of work. ???  It doesn’t take a lot of work. 🙂  Creativity and persistence are at the top of the list.  But, most people want something for nothing, or next to 3rd world pricing. Messenger Bot Marketing isn’t a one-off solution, they help you create a long lasting relationship.  They provide less friction because they are one-click subscriptions, but in the end YOU are the sale, the customer wants what you have, and if you can’t deliver, then nothing my friend, will help you.


Messenger sequences are way faster than email campaign sequences. With an email campaign sequence, the typical company  waits a day or two before sending additional emails – not very smart, but they do it anyway. Grant Cardone persists and provides until the solution is so ingrained within his customer’s head they have no option but to use his sales training. Just like Cardone, with Facebook Messenger, you can send more messages in the next 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 days, whatever you want. Best of all, the response is instant and you can engage in real conversations with your leads. And…if you use it right, you’ll get the response you want. Your customers will let you know if you’re abusing their inbox. 🙂


Prospects can instantly engage in live chat, which helps to close sales faster and with less friction.  First Mover Advantage is KEY!


Retargeting your Messenger leads is easier and faster than retargeting email leads since the leads are already on Facebook.


You can know everything about your subscriber.  Where they went to school, where they work, what gender they are, how they look… all through Messenger. Try getting that kind of in-depth information through email!


Retargeting your Messenger leads is easier and faster than retargeting email leads since the leads are already on Facebook.


Messenger bots have the same kind of opt-in appeal that email lead generation forms have — popups, slide-ins, buttons, boxes, etc. You can even gain a new lead simply when they leave a comment on your Facebook page


Messenger is completely optimized for mobile or desktop. No more mobile configuration for email messages.



Want more than just another free Facebook group?

Get into the Messenger Bot Sales Mastermind where you’ll learn how multi-millionaires like Grant Cardone, Perry Belcher, Donald Miller and Mari Smith make millions of dollars when they send out their integrated automated sequences.

You’re in the right place at the right time.

Join the Messenger Bot Sales Mastermind Group

Who this is for…

  • Action takers
  • No excuses makers
  • Make it happen business minded professionals
  • The person who is saying, yeah, “I know I need to step up my game and make automation a big part of my sales process.”


Guaranteed to give you excellent ideas and implementable practices you can use in your business immediately, the Messenger Bot Sales Mastermind is specifically made for people who want more from their business.  Those who want to learn, implement and make money.  That’s who this is for #ImplementRepreneurs who want #firstmoveradvantage.


The Messenger Bot Sales Mastermind is MORE than just Messenger Bots.  You’ll find out how the most successful entrepreneurs  INTEGRATE Messenger bots into their daily activities, and you can copy exactly what they’re doing. From Instagram to Steemit and Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter too.  Get ready for #mindblown with BETTER ways to market your biz.


I’m also going to share how I’m currently growing my following, my customer base and how I’m giving better quality information that takes less time to produce, without the hassle of having to figure it all out. Yep, I’m giving you a #roadmaptosuccess to help you #GrowYourBiz

Here’s what you get

when you join the Nicole’s Facebook Messenger Bot Sales Mastermind

These are just some of the things you’ll be getting when you join the Facebook Messenger Bot Sales Mastermind…there’s so much more

  • How to create content that sells, not just sits there patiently waiting for your spouse to give it a thumb’s up.
  • What to say and where to find people who want to hear what you have to say.
  • Make your voice matter, your messages make a difference and your product be the very solution they’ve been looking for their whole lives!
  • Make your mission bigger than just posting on Wednesdays at 3pm.  Because it doesn’t freakin’ work! Learn the smart way to post your content and develop a system that works, instead of a haphazard bumbling.
  • How to create Instagram ads that flow into your sales funnel. There’s nothing worse than clicking an ad that makes no sense.  Make your ads make sense.  Make your ads make money. Make your ads what they want, instead of what you “think” they want.
  • How to create Instagram ads that make your product and service stand out.  Stop creating ads that don’t get approved.  You’ll discover why you were having such a hard time when you start creating better ads.  Trust me, Instagram and Facebook aren’t out to get you.
  • How to create better looking e-books, slides, and pictures that flow together.  Stop creating things that have no specific branding behind them.  I have a branding secret you’re going to LOVE, not like, L-O-V-E!
  • Downloads galore.  You’re going to have step-by-step downloads that will give you the most incredible sales plan roadmaps so that you don’t have to feel like you’re blindly going at this without a seeing eye dog.
  • Content calendar planning the right way with a plan you can stick to for the entire year!
  • Copywriting ideas, and where to find the BEST copywriting for your niche.  I have the goods and you want what I have because this copy will truly create mind bending sales in your business.

Woops, you missed it! Enrollment is closed…awwww snap!

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