This is a fully functioning Facebook funnel that collects verified Facebook leads AND

creates a custom audience of people who want what you have, will buy from you, and then thank you for selling it to them.

Be First

“Being an early adopter of Facebook Messenger bots will give you a huge advantage as a marketer.” ~ Neil Patel

Be Ubiquitous

“57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.”  ~ HubSpot, 2017

Crush It!

“Between 2016 and 2021, we expect the chatbot marketing to grow at a compound rate of 35.2%.” ~ Marketsandmarkets, 2017









Get Your Message To The People Who Want What You Have!!

Be a First Mover and cultivate enormous influence.

First Movers use instant marketing.

First Movers know engagement makes money.

First Movers use Facebook Messenger Bots

Work When You Don't

Your time is valuable. No one wants to sit in front of a computer answering Messages. The Facebook Messenger Chatbot Template answers your customer’s questions instantly.  First Movers know this costs a fortune to have made.  Now you can buy it for less than the cost of a trip to Costco.  You make all the changes.  Add your copy, your pictures, your calls to action.


Meet Your Client Needs

Professionally built Facebook Bot Templates integrate your 3rd party email autoresponder, Google forms, and calendars.  Your customers get their needs met without having to wait for a real person.  Engage instantly with calls to action, FAQ’s, lead magnets, downloads & more. Buy your Facebook Messenger Bot Template TODAY.

Mobile Responsive and FAST

The Facebook Messenger Bot is fully responsive on all mobile devices and easy to use. Call to action buttons allow your customers to get the value they want in a matter of seconds.  When you purchase your template you can change your calls to action and your offers as much or as little as you’d like.  It’s yours.  Change it up, keep it the same, add to it and give your customers a reason to engage with you.  Buy it NOW.

Want to SEE how it WORKS?

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What They Have To Say...Watch the Video Testimonials

Don't Believe Me...Believe My Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

...can I use this on more than one Facebook Page?

Yes, you’ll have to pay a premium upgrade with ManyChat for each page you want to duplicate this bot on., what is your refund policy?

Already thinking of refunding, eh?  Then this isn’t for you.

Because there isn’t anything to BUY on this page. But, you’re already here, thinking of “what can I get FREE” and you know, it’s the bane of everyone’s existence on this planet.  No one owes you anything.

Look at the bot.  Copy it.  Build it. this easy to install?

Yes, and No. If you are tech savvy and are able to focus for about 60-120 minutes and figure out how to install after watching the video, then YES! If you’re not tech savvy and you have a hard time with your computer, then, no, it won’t be that easy.

...can I upgrade and have you do the install for me?

Sure, if you hire me and pay me.

...are you available for one-to-one consults if I need help?

Yes. You can book me here for one-to-one consults.  I spend a MAXIMUM of 30 mins on the call.  No matter where we are in the conversation, I cut it off.  My time is limited on this planet. So is yours.  I use mine wisely.

Book me for an hour click HERE

Engage Your Customers on Facebook.

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