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  1. Thank You From: Nicole Jolie at
  1. Description: Monthly Membership, billing invoice, consulting, chatbot creation, technical Saas, to or any other sites Nicole Jolie operates.  
  1. Order No.:  Client
  1. Refunds:  As noted in terms of service there are no refunds given.  Only commitments taken.
  1. Cancellations:  Use your current billing service to cancel monthly subscriptions.
  1. Retention: You may retain this notice by printing and/or archiving this email.
  1. Questions: If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact us at our email address:  Nicole [at]

Nicole Jolie

411 West Monroe Street MB36

Austin, TX, 78704

Email: Nicole [at]

Telephone: on invoice when you become a paying client.

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