Before You Travel Check Your Mental and Physical Fitness Levels

Before You Travel Check Your Mental and Physical Fitness Levels

Is it possible to travel too old? These are the factors that will help you determine the answer.

Many women don't want to slow down after turning 60. For many they enjoy planning ambitious travel plans that include  10-day horseback safaris through Botswana and a Bora Bora snorkeling trips. Many women feel they're not too old to travel. 

When the pandemic struck. With the exception of a few cautious stay-cations, many retirees were forced to stay at home. It didn't help that they are in a high risk group and categorized as a liability.  Many retirees insist that it won't stop them.

Before You Travel Check Your Mental and Physical Fitness Levels

Many retirees are still asking the slightly difficult question: Is it possible to travel too old? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 can make you more susceptible to serious illness. 

This question is relevant for another reason. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over the last 10 years, the number of people 65 and older has increased by 34% to 50.9million. 

The travel industry has already responded in specific ways, for example, you could rent a car in Europe but you will be charged 75 euros (Greece), 80 euros (Portugal), and 97 euros (Finland) for any other European country. Tour operators limit certain activities and insurance companies have higher rates when traveling which makes traveling a difficult and more expensive adventure, making it a “no”  for many potential travelers.

Some people should absolutely stay at home and that's not because It's not always age-related. This is more about self-assessment (see checklist at the end) and choosing the right trip so that you're comfortable. You can travel for as long as your heart desires if you do this, but you really must be cognizant to check your mental and physical fitness levels so that you're not creating a problem for yourself or any one else on your trip.

Who can say no to traveling?

Some people should reconsider traveling, not just because they are older.

A 93 year-old woman traveled solo on a Caribbean trip, and was incontinent, disabled, and traveling alone.  This becomes a problem for staff, and people on board caring for someone they don't know and have no way to help if something serious happens to them.

Remember You can't expect a tour leader to also nurse you, and be available for you 24/7 for medical attention. It is not possible for tour guides to have the skills and time required. 

It may sound cool that your 93-year old grandmother is on a trip solo, but In this instance, the advice is to not traveled and put everyone else's trip in jeopardy for your health and well being.

There are ways around traveling when you're older and this is with specific trips dedicated to retired people and seniors. Some tour operators cater specifically to older travelers which makes this type of travel acceptable.

There are people who travel into their 80s or even 90s alone and as a couple and tour operators usually don't have an age limit.

You can make it happen, it's never too late to travel.

Travel experts will repeat the old saying that age is just another number. It is a matter of physical and, to a certain degree, mental ability.

A person in their 40s might struggle more than someone who is in their 80s depending on your activity level and your physical condition.  Your trip may need to be adjusted to your physical and mental health condition. 

This is our disclosure:  This summary is for informational purposes only. This summary is not intended to be a recommendation for or give advice for any company or individual.

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