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Amy Hauck

Guest author Amy Hauck writes about retirement and travel for NicoleJolie.com she has been an expat and lived and traveled the globe.  You can reach Amy via Email at:  amy@nicolejolie.com


Carleen Casteel

Guest author Carleen Casteel writes about tax planning, retirement benefits and general financial news.  Carleen has been an avid investor into her retirement.  You can reach Carleen here at: carleen@nicolejolie.com


Heather Gibbons

Guest author Heather Gibbons writes about real estate, planning and general retirement news and is an avid investor into her retirement years.  You can reach Heather here at:  heather@nicolejolie.com


Joanne Baker

Guest author Joanne Baker writes about health and wellness, mental health and retirement planning.  An avid mental health practitioner, you can reach Joanne here at:  joanne@nicolejolie.com


Ruth Diaz

Guest Author Ruth Diaz writes about general real estate, tax planning, retirement news and community.  An avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, you can reach Ruth here at:  ruth@nicolejolie.com


Sophia Coleman

Guest author Sophia Coleman writes about retirement lifestyle and general community retirement news.  An avid foodie, you can reach Sophia here at: sophia@nicolejolie.com

Nicole Jolie

Nicole Jolie brings you updated information on retirement including where to travel, health, investment trends and planning.  Whether you're a GenX'er, Baby Boomer or about to retire this site is for you.


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