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Author of Woman’s Guide to Blockchain, Speaker at Texas Bitcoin Conference 2019, and creator of Nicole Jolie's Live Well Retire Wealthy Blog. I help retirees by sharing updated articles, trends and information about retiring including health and wellness, planning, benefits, travel and taxes. Subscribe to the Live Well Retire Wealthy Newsletter to receive updates and information about your retirement.
For many years I worked to get clients and help them achieve their ultimate goal of receiving ROI on every dollar they invested in their business, now I help them save and invest with the most updated information about retirement. I help retirees find a better way to create a lifestyle that creates joy and happiness in their life.
The articles on this blog have helped many people invest, save and make more money while they create lifestyles they’d never imagined and get involved in communities that have dedicated and loyal retirees just like you.
If you’re worn out by the guru hype that keeps begging you for more money to get you the retirement results promised when you started with them then all of the information on this blog that shares how you too can live well and retire wealthy will be a pleasant surprise for you.
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What they say about Nicole Jolie

Nicole has one of the most fierce work ethics of anyone I’ve met. Those qualities have her hold relentlessly to what she believes is possible for her clients; in her work with her triathlete clients as well as her social media clients. She treated my success as it was her success. Nicole was an important part of my foundation and is connected to the best of the best in the industry.
Vanessa Horn

I discovered Nicole when she asked me to be a guest on her podcast. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for helping people and excelling at her craft. When I needed help creating a Facebook Ad Campaign, I turned to Nicole. Through her expertise and recommendations I have a growing fan page and have learned more about how to run my own successful campaigns.
Joel Comm

Nicole has the mindset, passion and strategies to take any business (small or large) to new heights with her knowledge and expertise in Facebook Marketing and Advertising. I have seen her countless times take a struggling business from no engagement and activity on their page to one that has a raving community of passionate fans.
Ryan Skelly

Nicole is a Facebook Ninja. She is someone I go to to mastermind all things social media marketing. Thanks for brainstorming and problem solving…you are so awesome.”
Laura Rubinstein

I found myself in a last minute bind and Nicole came to my rescue. She helped me orchestrate a launch for my book, Infusionsoft Mastery, and relentlessly marketed it all over the web for me. The results? Well, pretty darned good I’d say. She helped me to take my book to #1 in its’ category.
Troy Broussard

Thank you for your help today…you are awesome girl! You are my go-to-girl for Facebook. For anyone considering hiring Nicole, think no more. She is social media smart like crazy, understands marketing unbelievably, plus can fix anything with all the technical components required …
Shane Johnston

Nicole is an absolute all-star marketing strategist and operational technologist. She knows the tricks that only come with a level of dedication that few have in this industry. There's no one better to run campaigns or advise you on moves that will result in increased business performance.
Paul Kirchoff

Nicole is absolutely amazing at delivering ideas and step-by-step processes to create content and videos. She can use 10 seconds of a pitch to create several month’s worth of content to be posted. Not only does she give you the material she gives you the confidence to really go for it. After a few discussions with her I finally jumped on the TikTok train to promote my book. Since joining with her steps I made 40+ videos one one week and posted them to gain traction on TikTok. Without her help I would never have been able to get these done or feel confident making them. She is incredible!
April Waverly, Author

I met Nicole on a new app called clubhouse. I joined her online course on how to tell your story through tik toks and then implement it into Pinterest! She completely brought me out of my comfort zone and empowered me to stand in my own power proudly and tell my story and it has been so valuable to me personally, my business, and the value I'm able to spew to my team through her course! Highly recommend letting Nicole help you break your story down. That is her super POWER! 💜
Nikki Smith Beauty

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