Your online presence can be the face of your brand and help build relationships with your customers. Past and future clients will be more excited to work with you if you show off your expertise and. These prompts for August can help you get started on your social media marketing.

Take the time to look through our daily prompts and browse the customizable graphic templates by Designs. This will help you feel confident with your social media marketing. Talk to your followers about your yearly goals. What are your goals for the remainder of the year? Ask your followers to share their thoughts on how they are doing.

August 2

10 – This house is now off the market. You can use an Under Contract template from Designs to to highlight a newly-under contract home

. To show prospective home-buyers the benefits of buying in a changing market, share your client’s story. August 310 – Did that TV commercial promote back-to school? Theschools in your area

are highlighted. Send a piece of art that you are particularly attached to in your home. Ask your audience what art they would love to see displayed. August 5

10 – Homebuyers will be more confident once they see the future. Use a Coming Soon template from Designs to tease a new listing that’s about to hit the market.August 6

– Summer will be over in the blink of an eye! You can highlight a local vendor or business owner who closes down after the season ends. – Make an impact with a summery post! The best places for swimming

are highlighted. Also, post photosof you and your loved ones at your favourite place to take a dip. Ask your audience about their summer swimming experiences. Week 2

August 8100101010 – There are many things going on in the market. Update your audience with Market Update graphic. Be the economist of choice. August 910 – What’s happening in the area? Please share some local events

with others who will be passing through this month.

August 1010 – It’s great to see your coworkers shine. Highlight a colleague who is an absolute expert in what they do. Share with your colleagues how they have helped you grow in your knowledge and skills.

August 1110 – Nothing is better than a success storyto encourage buyers to get into the market. Share a client testimonial using a graphic template from Designs.

August 12 – On days like this, you just have to be outside. So your audience can enjoy the warmth, share

3 your favourite places to eat with patio seating. August 1310 – Who is the best host? You can show off the

curated setup you used to host a dinner party. Ask your friends and family for their best tips when hosting a dinner party. August 14: Obsessed about the freshest fruits and vegetables? Your

local farmer’s market – Share with your audience the produce currently in season. These hot nights call for outings. Write about the best drive in movie theateraround.

August 1610 – You are the expert in your area! Use the Local Expert graphic template to show off your market knowledge. August 1710 – How is your home improvement going? Let’s take a minute to update about a project that you have been working on. Share what’s gone wrong and what’s gone right and get your audience’s experiences with projects like yours!

August 18

– Stir up some interest in three listings with a For Sale template from Designs.August 19

– There are plenty of reasons why a one-story home may make more sense. You can post about the most beautiful one-story homes

10 in your local area. These homes sell fast! An Under Contract Update will get your potential buyers in the spirit of competition. August 212110 – People say we are a combination of five people who spend most time together. For the best, post a photo of you and a friend

to explain how they have changed you. Week 4

August 222 – What classes are your local Recreation Center offering for the fall? You can share the class schedule with your friends and sign up for an event! Ask your audience about upcoming events. Mega Agent Camp is now! Post a photo, regardless of whether you are attending the event online or in person! You can tell your audience what part of the conference you are most excited about. Or post tomorrow and share your favorite insight from the conference!

August 24 – Give your followers a look around with a Neighborhood Snap!

August 25 – What are you working towards? Tell your story to and tell us about your big plans – personal or professional! Ask your audience what it means for them to work towards something greater. August 26710 – Start the conversation! Post about your upcoming open house using an Open House graphic from Designs.

August 27

– Why learn from a textbook when you can get a much more immersive experience? Highlight the best museums within your locality – These are places where families and individuals can learn and have fun at the same time. August 288

10 – Summer is coming to an end! To share your summer highlights, please include pictures. Discuss your most memorable moments from the last few months and why you consider them important. Week 5

August 29, – Where should your followers go to

play some pick-up10? You can share your knowledge about the places people visit to play their best. August 3010 – Let your audience know the value of their assets to help them with their monthly budgets. Give them the info they need with a Home Value graphic.

August 31 – It’s an oldie but a goodie. Post a photo that perfectly captures what home means for you. Ask your audience to tell you why they chose it.

Share Your Tips and StrategiesLet’s talk about what’s working. We want to know which tips and tricks are most effective in generating engagement for your audience as you incorporate these ideas into your social-media strategy. Share This:

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